3 Suggestions to Make the Most Out of Facebook Marketing

Online advertising has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. While Google really boosted the advertising space on the Internet, the newest entrant is Facebook. Advertisers are realizing that Facebook is very efficient for targeting specific niche markets and groups of people. In this post we will discuss 3 powerful Facebook advertising tips that you can use in your campaigns. Check Out : InsidersHQ, InsidersHQ Bonus,
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You should but a lot of effort into watching your Facebook campaigns very carefully. One thing that people notice when they first start marketing on Facebook is that positive response starts to go down after a while. Why causes this to happen? This is because the amount that you incur to correspond with Facebook users continues to go up over time. Generally, this means that the ones that click first are usually the ones that respond to most of the ads. So, once you are ready to move on from the first group, it will cost more money to reach the others. This is why you should follow the click through rate of your ad on a continual basis. Determine how your ad’s click through rate performs. When you notice that your ad is going down, either adjust your ad or change your targeted audience. But the fact is every ad has a lifespan, after which it isn’t that effective. So in order to increase this life span and keep getting more out of your ads and lower your budget, this step is necessary to apply.

Advertisement copy is tremendously important, so do test different ad copy with your ads. It’s not 100% about ad copy, but the percentage is great. Your job is to make your ads different, attention-getting, and also make people want to know more. Much about Facebook advertising is knowing how to write excellent classified type ads that convert. Give people directions for what you want them to do.

Copy that is lacking with a strong call to action statement has been proven over and over to be less effective. Yes, market research is always important and often makes the difference between success and failure. There really is nothing new about the mechanics of Facebook marketing because it’s all been done many times before. The more effort you put into the copy, the higher response you will get.

Ok, this one is really important: At Facebook, always send your fan page traffic to your custom tab and “not” your profile wall.

This all has to do with control and conversions, and you do not control what is on your wall. Right? You know it. But it’s different with your custom tab, and you can put what you need on your fan page, etc. The wall, on the other hand, is full of whatever is put there by other people and not you. It’s a fact, at this point, that prospects will convert at a lower rate from the wall than your custom tab. So always have your targeted traffic flowing in your page’s custom tab rather than the main wall.

These are proven and powerful Facebook marketing and advertising tips, so take them and run with them. Also, make sure you don’t stop testing out your ads until you find the one – that’s the key to success with Facebook advertising.

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